Professional Services

FocusGears delivers technical and management solutions to its customers through innovative technology and focused collaboration.

Strategic Planning

To optimize their business performance, our customers rely on FocusGears to form a collaborative relationship to strengthen their portfolio and maximize profits.FocusGears provides a disciplined process to understand our customers strengths and weaknesses for market direction and growth potential.  Through market analysis, company performance and customer behavior investigation, FocusGears is able to formulate a strategy that will fit our customers revenue goals and growth potential.

Project Management and Audits

Many customers have large project implementations that have several workstreams often causing many cost issues, risks and slippage. FocusGears has resources with extensive project management experience and will evaluate your projects that will affect the quality of delivery and/or missed deadlines by identifying the following:

  • Risks and mitigation
  • Resource impacts
  • Equipment shortages
  • Scope creep
  • and other components

FocusGears provides thorough project audits to ensure customers understand the impacts and mitigate accordingly to meet their required deadlines while not sacrificing quality.  FocusGears applies PMBOK guidelines for best results and is currently in the process of gaining certification from PMI.

Infrastructure Analysis and Operations  Planning 

For many implementations, a major impact on any organization is the insufficient infrastructure on equipment and network capabilities.  FocusGears work with customers to understand their business goals and advise on how to provide productive services through innovation technology solutions.  Innovation is not necessarily the latest and greatest equipment and software, but business processes and optimization of existing IT infrastructure.  FocusGears works closely with their customers to ensure functional technology is realized through streamlining technology and methodologies.

Software Implementation

FocusGears has resources with a broad knowledge of ISO 9000 and software methodologies. We continue to keep abreast of standards, changes and innovations through education and experience from our customers.  Proven methodologies offers quality software and less impact of rework later.  With software audits becoming more stringent, FocusGears is committed to providing our customers with compliant delivery and optimized performance.

Product and Solutions Training

FocusGears remain with customers throughout each phase of delivery including product and solution training for all departments involved such as Customer Support, Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Training departments.  For a successful implementation, we understand that a collaborative environment is key to everyone being informed.  FocusGears will provide training materials, delivery and work with customer trainers to ensure that transition to ownership is smooth as possible.

Community Building and Engagement

FocusGears quickly adapts to technology and industry changes through helping our customers building communities and define strategic engagement plans to engage their users.

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